Getting Outside The Box ft. Pat & Taz Barber

Jay-Z and Beyoncé might have to give up the throne for this week’s Brute Podcast guests. The dream team, Pat and Taz Barber, join Michael Cazayoux this week to bring you a raw look into their experiences as athletes in the CrossFit community and how life has changed since stepping away from competitive sports to focus on raising a family.

They’ll also take the discussion “Outside The Box” to present their newest partnership with Brute Strength that offers an affordable solution for individuals who are dead set on taking their fitness to the next level with less time and less equipment.

Outside The Box is the BYOD (Bring Your Own Dumbbells) solution to embracing your fitness through online programming that you can take to the streets, backyard, home gym, garage or sideline of your child’s soccer game (if that’s your thing). Digging the vibe? Listen to the full podcast for more information on how you can get involved.


04:40 – Creating with your hands
19:30 – Getting out of competition & raising a family
38:00 – “Outside The Box” Program
42:45 – Parenting

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