Dr Raman Tanwar Talks on How Erratic Lifestyle Is Affecting Men's Sexual Health

In the present scenario, people spend most of their time sitting at one place for long hours ranging from 10-16 hours a day. This leads to absolutely 0 mobility, total distortion of the normal cycle as per which human body should normally act, and their diet patterns has been affected.

How erratic lifestyle affects sexual health of men?

This type of lifestyle has largely affected men’s sexual health and an ever increasing number of men are approaching doctors to consult health problems like Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, non-consummation of marriage, inability to enjoy sex, low libido, depression, hypertension, obesity, dislipidemia, and diabetes.

Factors contributing to sexual problems in men:-

Routine smoking affects the sperm count and can cause erectile dysfunction.
Again, increased consumption of alcohol, late night parties disturb the sexual life of men.

Does keeping cell phones in pocket or working with laptops on one’s laps affect the sperm count or sexual health?

Increased heat productions in scrotum area caused by keeping mobile phone in pocket or placing laptops on laps affects the quality of sperm.
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Tips or lifestyle changes to follow for good sexual health

Maintain a work-life balance.
Don’t bring your office stress home.
Have fresh fruits, juices, and salads.
Avoid fatty, fried foods such as burgers, pizza etc.
Ensure a balanced diet.
Quit alcohol and smoking.

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