Common Causes of Tinnitus – Stress Induced Tinnitus

People who already suffer from ringing in the ears, commonly known as tinnitus, will find that it can cause dramatically increased stress and tension in their lives which will then make the tinnitus symptoms worse. There are many people who never suffered from tinnitus before until they suffered a great trauma or grief which then resulted in stress induced tinnitus symptoms.

The cause of stress-induced tinnitus is a imbalance of chemicals in the body, some chemicals will be produced at a lower rate while others will be rapidly produced causing further upset in the body. One chemical that increase is the Cortisol level, which is commonly known as the 'stress hormone'. When the body is under stress then this level increases and creates higher blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

High blood pressure constricts the arteries which then make the blood flow sound louder, this can then cause a throbbing, pulsating sound to be heard in the ears, when the body is constantly under stress, and people commonly get this noise consistently which becomes known as tinnitus. When blood sugar levels increase, insulin, which is made by the pancreas to regulate glucose in the blood, is made at a higher rate when the body is under stress, this can cause diabetes which makes the insulin less effective.

When they body is suffering from this kind of intense stress then the pancreas will try to produce more and more insulin to deal with the high levels of glucose, yet the insulin is of inferior quality and are unable to work to the same degree as normal. Though all tinnitus sufferers do not have diabetes, the ringing in the ears can be attributed to diabetes like symptoms which arise under stressful conditions which are affecting the body systems and causing harm and distress to our chemical balances.

One of the positive things about having stress induced tinnitus is that it is simple to cure, as long as they stress can be controlled and reduced then the tinnitus will disappear as quickly as it came.

There are many different ways in which stress can be relieved, taking part in daily exercise and practising relaxation techniques are the simplest ways of alleviating stress. These activities help to increase oxygen and blood flow in the body which eases the tension and will reduce the throbbing and pulsating sensations in the hearing mechanisms which cause tinnitus. It is important to reduce stress as quickly as possible as tinnitus will increase stress and, if left unchecked, can form a vicious cycle which will be harder to sort out in the future.

Common Causes of Tinnitus – Stress Induced Tinnitus by Robert M. Michael

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