Benefits of Green Apples to our body

Green apples are one of the main sources of flavonoids in western diets and are rich in vitamin C. The flavonoids that are found the most in this type of apple are cyandin and epicatechin. These flavonoids and vitamin C act as antioxidants and eradicate free radicals which cause damage to your cells.
Regulates Blood Glucose
A green apple on an empty stomach helps you stabilize blood sugar levels, which is very important for diabetic people or people who have a risk of suffering from diabetes. You have to remember that while you sleep, your metabolism keeps working and your pancreas may have problems regulating the glucose in your body.
It is normal to forget to brush your teeth after a night out. When this happens, you can eat a green apple on an empty stomach and take advantage of its skin that has a lot of fiber, which stimulates the production of saliva. This will help reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth, which attack your teeth and can cause cavities.
Another reason to eat green apples on an empty stomach is because their content of potassium is slightly higher than other kinds of apples. Potassium is an electrolyte that balances cell moisture. This is vital so that your heart beats properly at all times. If you don’t eat enough potassium throughout the day, you run the risk of your heart not being able to keep the proper rhythm.
Each green apple has 115 milligrams of potassium. This amount is enough to keep your cardiac rhythm stable from the start of the day.

Source: Benefits of Green Apples to our body

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