An Invitation to Health: Live It Now! Brief Edition

Start making healthier choices now for a lifestyle of healthy living with AN INVITATION TO HEALTH: LIVE IT NOW! BRIEF EDITION, 9e. This market-leading personal health book helps you assess your health behaviors, encourages positive behavior change, and gives you effective ways to achieve it. Covering body, mind, and spirit, it addresses current issues related to health and wellness that can affect you now and throughout your life. Delivering the most current coverage available, it equips you with practical ideas and tools that you can immediately apply to your own life. “Health on a Budget” features demonstrate practical ways you can achieve your goals in low- and no-cost ways, while “Consumer Alert” features help you evaluat health care. AN INVITATION TO HEALTH helps you build your foundation for a healthier future.

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Source: An Invitation to Health: Live It Now! Brief Edition

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