Action Bronson on Losing 125 Pounds & Getting Fit | Train Like a Celebrity | Men's Health

In 2020, chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson lost a ton of weight. At his heaviest, Mr. Baklava was pushing 400 pounds—but since March, he’s dropped over 125 pounds. He shares the workout he used to transform his body, and his life. Watch more Men’s Health ‘Train Like a Celebrity’ videos HERE:

Circuit #1 (Repeat 4x)
• Jammer Press (10 Reps)
• Slam Ball Slam (10 Reps)
• Upright Cycle (15 Seconds)
Circuit #2 (Repeat 4x)
• DB Lateral Raise (24 Reps)
• Feet-Elevated Pushup (15 Reps)
• Neutral Wide-Grip Low Row (15 Reps)
Circuit #3 (Repeat 4x)
• Single-Arm Jammer Press (8 Reps Per Side)
• Slam Ball Slam (10 Reps)
• Med Ball Slam (10 Reps)

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