20 Simple Grooming Tips Every Man Should Know!

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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marion of http://www.iamalpham.com, goes over his top 20 simple men’s grooming tips to make sure you are always groomed to perfection (your perfection). Men’s grooming is an essential component of taking care of yourself and being presentable. Not all of these men’s grooming tips apply to all men but some of them do. Take note and apply where needed.

Over the years, Alpha has talked a lot about grooming- from the tip of your toes down to your funky toes nothing has been off limits. Aaron Marino of alpha m. has now compiled a list of 20 essential grooming tip that every guy should know.
Alpha M.’s Top 20 Grooming Tips for Men
1. wear deodorant every day
2. trim your pubes
3. neck beards are only for rock stars and artists
4. powder your balls
5. less is more with cologne
6. invest in a Norelco facial hair grooming tool
7. ear hair needs to be attended to
8. trim your nose hair every week
9. trim your toes nails every week in the summer / every other week in the winter
10. wash your face in the morning
11. exfoliate your face at night
12. apply facial moisturizer after #10 and #11
13. if you have back hair, buy a baKblade
14. eyebrows- you need two of them
15. wet wipes rock and keep your butt squeaky clean
16. don’t be a cheap-ass- invest in high quality tweezers
17. if your mouth tastes badly, your breath stinks
18. handle your dandruff with Neutrogena T-Gel
19. don’t go too long between hair cuts (short hair every 3 -4 weeks / medium every 4 – 6 weeks)
20. love and groom your beard

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