10 Items ALL MEN Should Own By Age 30!

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Collect These Material Possessions
1. Grown-up wallet — not jammed packed and not Velcro
2. Passport — start traveling when you are younger
3. Pocketknife — you don’t know how much you’ll use it until you have one
4. Well-tailored navy suit — you’re not growing anymore, and friends are getting married.
5. Proper dopp kit — use for traveling and going to your spicy senorita’s house. Check out what Alpha keeps in his!
6. Watch — it doesn’t matter the cost. Wear one so that people take you seriously because it sends a subliminal message that you’re responsible and reliable.
7. Grown-up winter jacket — the classic navy peacoat it the most classic. It’s warm, stylish, and matches with pretty much anything. You can also go black or camel.
8. Reliable transportation — you don’t have an incredible car … or even a car. You just need the ability to get somewhere without asking for a ride.
9. Decent pair of dress shoes — this does not include boat shoes!
10. Decent pair of denim — that doesn’t hang off of your ass.

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