✅ 3 Tips to Look Great This Summer – Men's Lifestyle Inspiration 2019

In today’s video I’m going to be giving you my 3 best tips to looking great for summer because it’s just around the corner for most of you in the northern hemisphere and it’s best to prep yourself now so you’re not behind the 8 ball when summer actually get’s here.

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So anyway, moving forward. I’m kinda jealous of all of you because my summer just ended but honestly, where I live in Australia, it’s very similar to LA and it’s hot all year round so, can’t complain ahha.

So tip number 1 is being up to date on your summer apparel. That’s one of the beauties of summer, it’s a time to get out in the open and show a bit of skin but doing it in style is the way to go.

In terms of apparel and swimwear, I love wearing really brightly coloured things that reflect my mood but also compliment my shape.

My go to will be a tank top and a pair of really quirky board shorts. Board shorts are actually best, because their a casual item than you can wear anywhere in summer, whether it’s beach or lunch at some cafe, their definitely a bonus.

However! As casual as board shorts are, there 4 rules.
1. They quirky and no one else has them.
2. Always want to make sure they go above your knee so you don’t appear shorter.
3. Make sure they are close fitting so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a parachute
2. Make sure they are thin are quick dry so when you leave the beach, you’re not worrying about being wet for the next 2 hours.

Those are the 4 rules to board shots.

So tip number 2 is getting in shape. I know cliche right,

but in the summer I just had, my body has never looked better and I 100% owe it to kicking myself up the butt to finally start working out more.

Don’t get me wrong, having the best body ever isn’t everything to do with feeling happy in summer or in life.

but boy does it help.

I’m not just talking about getting in shape to impress others or to get the best root of my life,

I literally did it for myself to show I myself I’m capable and not only did that give me a better looking body that sure, others will appreciate, but I can appreciate myself more because I did that on my own accord, and body do I feel good about it.

You don’t need to have a six pack either, you’d be surprised how the slightest little results can impact your confidence,

It’s epic, and we all know that when we feel confident, we have a better time, our social interactions are better and it’s just a better way of living. Ya dig?

For tip number three, this one is; it sounds a bit superficial as well, but it’s just man-scaping.

Look, body hair is totally normal, totally natural, and no one should feel ashamed for having it, you know what I mean? But again, going back to the aesthetic thing, if you’re gonna be working on your body, covering it up with hair seems kind of pointless.

I find this as well. I’m quite a hairy guy. Got my pits going on and I do get a lot of chest hair as well, and when this hair grows out to a significant length, all my shape seems to disappear. So I always go in with a beard trimmer just to tidy it up. I don’t ever get to the skin.

I always leave maybe about a centimetre or whatever so you can still see all of my shape. You want it all to match into your image. Again, like I said before, there’s nothing shameful about having body hair. I still have a little bit of hair on my chest. I just feel like shaving it off and trimming it all back and tidying it up helps reveal that shape a bit more and yeah, helps me show off that skin.

Like I was just saying before, when you look better, you genuinely feel better and your confidence is higher. It has a domino effect on your entire life, so that’s why I would give that tip. Guys, that is my three tips for looking great in summer. I’m so sad that the summer’s left here. It literally is my favourite season of the whole entire year, even though it does get through-the-roof hot. However, you know what, you guys enjoy yours.

It’s coming up. You better enjoy it because it’s only three months. Those are my three tips for looking great. I’ve been using those tips all through the summer that I just went through. Because it is still warm here, I’ll probably be enjoying them while you’re enjoying your summer because it’s still warm and I don’t really miss out, but hey.

I just thought I could bring some value in that way.

Yours in good hair,

Thomas In Action

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