Treat Erectile Dysfunction Before it Makes Your Sexual Life Miserable

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction because of which male does not achieve sufficient erection or achieve weak or lazy erection even after arousal and under appropriate circumstances. Sometimes initially male achieve sufficient erection but lose it during the lovemaking act very soon before satisfactory duration.

Problem of erectile dysfunction is very common and almost every male face such situation once in his lifetime but if this situation occurs frequently and continues for more than two weeks than it is a clear symptom of erectile dysfunction. Some males do not achieve erection when they are prompted for lovemaking act by their partner but do get hard enough stiffness when they are asleep or stimulated by other means, this also signifies erectile dysfunction due to psychological reasons like male partner is stressed or tired or strained relationship with the partner.

Erection in male take place by a hydraulic effect as blood enters and is absorbed by sponge-like tissues present in the reproductive organ. The duration to which this blood is held in these tissues the organ remains erect and after ejaculation the blood starts receding to cause loss of erection. This process occurs due to series of complex activities those take place in nervous, vascular and hormonal system of male body. Any hindrance in any of those systems can create problems with erection which we know as erectile dysfunction.

There are many psychological and physical reasons those may cause this problem. Diseases like epilepsy, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer, multiple sclerosis, thickening of skin, cardio-vascular problems, diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, liver cirrhosis and kidney failure are few of them which may cause erectile dysfunction. Prostrate cancer and surgery of prostrate gland may also initiate this problem along with certain medicine used for treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression and anxiety.

Most common reason among psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction is performance anxiety. This happens when a male fails to perform once or twice due to any reason which causes psychological distress and further invites more episodes of failure. Relationship with partner, stress and other issues related to life may also take the focus away and cause weak or no erection. Hormonal imbalance caused most commonly due to hypo or hyperthyroidism or due to other diseases cause lack of testosterone production or excessive production of prolactin hormone which can cause erectile dysfunction. Malnutrition particularly lack of zinc in the diet or zinc deficiency also causes this problem, life style related issues have also been found as causes for erectile dysfunction like lack of exercise or physical activity, obesity, irregular sleeping pattern etc may initiate or aggravate the problem.

Proper and timely medical guidance shall be taken to treat this problem instead of panicking; this problem is curable in more than 90% of cases. Herbal treatment is also an effective and easy way of handling this situation but self medication shall be avoided. Instead of shying away from the partner one shall discuss the problem openly with her for avoiding any confusion as partner can always give a valuable advice.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction Before it Makes Your Sexual Life Miserable by Dr Andrew Napier

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