Prostate Enlargement and How to treat it

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As for inc urination at night, this can be due to a prostate enlargement, but also the organs hanging down off their ligaments (visceroptosis) pushing on the bladder, it can be from insulin resistance and the body not being able to absorb the water, it can be from being deficient in minerals, a urologicol (bladder infection) from bacteria or fungus, from drinking fluids close to bed time, caffiene can irritate and cause this (eliminate it!), as well as one of the major (as there are 100s) side effects of long term ingestion of aspartame is inc freq of urination. I am sure there are others. They key is to figure out why you are having this issue. Yes I know the MD said this and that, but they say a lot that is not true all the time. They base health off numbers and you numbers are not even that high.
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Source: Prostate Enlargement and How to treat it

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