Mens Sexual Ability (or is it Inability) and How to Get Over It

One of the biggest men’s issues in terms of health and fitness is sexual ability. Poor performance in the bedroom might not only impact on your reputation or relationship but it can also have a lasting effect on your confidence and self-esteem, subsequently resulting in other related men’s issues. We would all like to be a marathon man in bed and be assured that our partner’s sexual experience is as gratifying as our own… and there are ways to improve on your performance regardless of who you are.

One common problem effecting men’s prowess in bed is smoking. Not only does smoking have a negative effect on fertility, it also diminishes a man’s sexual desire and satisfaction, making it all the more important as men’s issue. Smokers generally have less sex on average than non-smokers; a statistic that some experts believe is not only related to the damage it causes to the penile muscles. With sexual performance involving many different systems of the body, smoking can cause numerous health and fitness related problems – and once the ability to have sex is diminished, desire often follows soon after.

Of course, any unhealthy aspect in your life is going to show when it comes down to business and, while the spirit might be willing, for those who are overweight or simply unfit, the flesh is sometimes too weak to fulfil the desire. This is why regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle regime can pay dividends in your sex life and are at the forefront of topical men’s issues.

Some of the most important physical aspects to a healthy and fulfilling sex life are flexibility and stamina. Both of these can be targeted in your normal gym routine, although there are also a number of yoga positions highly recommended to target flexibility in the hip flexors, groin and quadriceps – giving a boost to both stamina and vitality.

In terms of eating your way to a better performance, a well-balanced diet providing all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients is the first step. For those looking to combat men’s issues, such as infertility or impotence, foods with high levels of zinc can be advantageous as zinc is necessary for sperm production. Unsurprisingly, oysters contain the highest levels of zinc out of any food types, perhaps explaining their reputation as an aphrodisiac. Other good sources include crab, offal and pumpkin seeds.

Although herbal remedies are rarely considered for men’s issues, if you want to give a herbal boost to your love-making, you should look at taking ginger in order to increase blood flow throughout the body and cnidium which helps the blood vessels to relax and expand so that more blood can enter the sex organs and swell them in size. Other useful herbs include the notorious horny goat weed, avena sativa, which helps to increase the production of testosterone; and ginkgo biloba which also increases metabolic efficiency and helps to relieve stress.

Whoever you are, you can improve both your desire and your delivery simply by following a lifestyle that maintains overall health and fitness. This should include a regular exercise regime, reducing your intake of damaging substances, such as alcohol and nicotine, and ensuring you maintain a balanced diet in order to prevent men’s issues related to high cholesterol or high blood pressure.

Mens Sexual Ability (or is it Inability) and How to Get Over It by Ian M Bell

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