What increases risk of male infertility? – Dr. Vasan S S

Obviously, both sexual function and fertility can be affected by the ingestion what we take. Alcohol has a specific effect on fertility problems basically because it can increase the fat content. The alcohol metabolites cause liver damage and consequently produce toxins which do not allow the sperm to mature properly. Smoking has a direct bearing on fertility problems, why because smoking causes vasoconstriction or the narrowing at the time of smoking and repeated narrowing, the testicular and the penile arteries are the narrowest in the body and consequent to that there will be an impairment of sperm production whenever we smoke and any cigarette smoking more than 5 per day is considered to be detrimental to fertility and caffeine, coffee consumption is known to cause fertility problems. Obesity because of improper diet, you eat a lot of junk food, which has a lot of transfat, so consequently, there are several things which can cause, your medication, ingestion. So dietary habits have to be very specific at the time when you are looking at fertility and also it depends on the age. The younger the age, probably you can get away with a slightly bad dietary habits. The older the age, when I mean for a reproductive age group. Older is after 32-35,that is the age group we consider and consequently diet plays a very big part in fertility and I think we should all be very careful if you are trying for a child and also manage our lifestyle and diet very appropriately.

Source: What increases risk of male infertility? – Dr. Vasan S S

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