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Dr. Amr Azim of New York City IVF explains Male Factor Infertility and Male Factor Infertility Treatment.

Male factor infertility is present in about 40% of infertility cases.

Initial testing for male factor infertility requires a sperm analysis. Normal male ejaculate is 2-5mL in volume. Each milliliter contains 15 to 20 million sperm, 50% of them are moving and about 30% of them are normal in shape, using World Health Organization criteria or 4%, using Kruger strict criteria for morphology. Fertility treatment for male factor is extremely successful even with very few sperm, ejaculated or surgically retrieved.

Consultation with a reproductive endocrinologist, in addition to a urologist, is extremely helpful because he or he or she is able to evaluate female factors and also can suggest simple measures e.g freezing a sperm sample that can preserve your potential for having children in the future. Many times the indication or type of intervention in the male need to be changed due to female factors as blocked tubes or low egg reserve.

In general, supplements, medical treatment and most varicocele repairs yield lower success and longer waiting time to conception than assisted reproduction.

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