Signs & symptoms of male infertility – Dr. Vasan S S

Unlike any disease, where you may have fever or you have pain, or you have a discolouration of a body if in themselves. You don’t get a pain. So the amount of self-assessment is necessary to identify the sign. So what is the sign? A sign in fertility is only when you try naturally and depending on your age, under 32 for that matter and you’ve tried for a year and you don’t conceive, you should get worried as to whether there is a problem. That is a sign. Body doesn’t throw up a sign. And the second way to look at it is if you are over 32 and you don’t conceive in 6 – 7 months, then I would still consider that group to get worried or get a preliminary evaluation done. And the third group is, when you have a family history, or your own families have had children quite delayed for various reasons. It may be voluntary. It may not be voluntary. But all the same, that group of individuals needs to get checked up. So in essence, people have to be self-vigilant and that becomes the sign and the other way to look at it is what are the symptoms. Can I have some symptoms doc? So the only way is if you are not ejaculating. If you believe that the sperm is not getting inside the vagina or the uterine cavity or your erections are insufficient or you believe the volume of ejaculate is not proper or you believe you have a smaller testis and there is some problem. These are self-assessment. You don’t need to do or ask anybody to do that. You can do yourself an assessment. And similarly in women, if they have highly irregular periods, then or if they have, what we call hirsuitism, or hair growth which is not warranted or not normally seen, or you are obese as an individual. Both for men and women, a BMI of more than 25 is a warning sign. A BMI, I am sure there are several BMI calculators on the net which you can calculate your BMI and definitely above 29, you are known to be less fertile. So it’s a form of self-assessment of you r own signs and symptoms where you decide by yourself whether there is a risk element and whether you need to get evaluated. So my advise is be self vigilant, have a baby as early as possible.

Source: Signs & symptoms of male infertility – Dr. Vasan S S

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