Male Infertility: Causes and Management

male infertility

Male factors are often the cause of a couple’s failure to conceive, therefore, it is important to evaluate and treat the male partner. A male factor may be due to abnormalities of hormonal control, testicular function, or sperm transport or delivery. Evaluation of infertile men is essential to identify both correctable and uncorrectable conditions. A thorough medical and reproductive history and physical examination are integral parts of the workup. The semen analysis provides the basis for identifying the cause of male infertility, as well as planning additional testing and treatment. Treatment options are based on the underlying etiology and range from optimizing semen production and transportation with medical therapy or surgical procedures to complex assisted reproduction techniques. I hope this book will enhance your knowledge of male infertility, and you will be able to apply this information to your practice.

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Source: Male Infertility: Causes and Management

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