Health Supplements Might Be Your Best Choice As An Infertility Natural Treatment

I know people who have spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to have a baby. However simple and inexpensive supplementation with vitamins and minerals can be very effective as an infertility natural treatment – this is because you are quite simply giving the body everything it needs to function normally.

Considering vitamins and minerals as an option for an infertility natural treatment may be your best decision and it will do no harm while you are trying other medical procedures – the aim is to give yourself the best shot at success which begins with a healthy, nutrient-rich body. And this natural approach applies to both partners!

Couples who choose to have a family later in life may be at an increased risk of infertility and this may be due to a number of factors – the least of which is the fact that women are past the peak in their reproductive cycle.

When you consider the costs associated with adoption or medical procedures – and the high failure rate – a small investment in good quality mineral, vitamin and essential nutrient supplements as infertility natural treatment is very appealing.

One of the most basic causes of infertility can be the lack of nutrients that affect the reproductive system. For example:

o Zinc, Selenium and Vitamin A, C and E are linked to healthy sperm production.

o Folic acid is one of the few vitamins for which there is a recognized health claim that it can help prevent neural tube defects in newborn babies; women are advised to supplement with folic acid pre pregnancy and while pregnant.

It is found in citrus fruit juices, green leafy vegetables, meat, tuna, asparagus, alfalfa, grains, whole beans and fortifies foods.

Folic acid is involved in the formation of the brain and spinal cord and is has a crucial role in the metabolism of amino acids and DNA.

o Vitamin B6 has an important role in regulating female hormones and the female reproductive system. Birth control pills eliminate this vitamin.

A healthy diet and the addition of these nutrients leading up to pregnancy will significantly lower the risks associated with birth defects – it has already been clearly established that multivitamins and folic acid can prevent neural tube defects.

Dr Joel Wallach, in his book, ‘Rare Earths Forbidden Cures’, refers to the mineral Selenium in relation to many conditions regarding pregnancy and child birth – infertility, low birth weight, high infant mortality, sudden infant death syndrome, miscarriage, cystic fibrosis.

Things you can do for a natural approach to infertility:

o Make sure you have a healthy diet – eliminate fried food, reduce your consumption of vegetable oils, no sugar and refined carbohydrates and increase your intake of water, fresh fruit and vegetables and good sources of protein – red meat three to four times a week and plenty of cold water fish (such as mackerel, tuna, salmon and trout – all high in omega 3 fatty acids).

o Check that your menstrual cycles are regular – if they’re not consult your healthcare professional.

o In addition to a healthy diet, supplement with all the essential nutrients – minerals, vitamins, amino acid and essential fatty acids.

o If you have a food allergy or problems with absorption, consider supplementing with an enzyme supplement.

o An antioxidant supplement – high in Vitamins A, C, E, Zinc & Selenium – has been shown to be beneficial in improving fertility.

The best approach to a natural infertility treatment is to follow the advice of your health care professional and to consider supplementing with essential nutrients – particularly the antioxidant vitamins and minerals – after all, you have everything to gain!

Health Supplements Might Be Your Best Choice As An Infertility Natural Treatment by Paul Newland

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