Chinese Herbal Medicine Infertility, Successful Studies

Scientific research into Chinese herbal medicine infertility treatment has thrown up some interesting results with certain traditional Chinese herbs for infertility. Evidence is strong that such herbal remedies for male infertility can be effective.

Result of Chinese Herbal Medicine Infertility Studies

A 0.5 microgram per micro litre concentration of aqueous extract from the dried fruit of the Chinese herb, Cornus officinalis, in a study at Taipei Medical College in Taiwan, was found to improve sperm motility by 68 percent, which may help with male infertility problems.

Using a higher concentration of 5 mg per microlitre, sperm motility was improved by a factor of 120 percent. Sperm motility is an important factor in male fertility, based on this it could be possible that the active component in this Chinese herbal medicine infertility treatment, Cornus officinalis, can be developed into a natural cure for infertility.

In other clinical studies Hochuekki-To has demonstrated a favorable effect directly upon human sperm functions, suggesting an effect on the physiological integrity of sperm membrane from these Chinese herbal medicine infertility studies.

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