Benefits of Maca Root

This video will share the many benefits of maca root and how it can naturally boost your health.

Maca is actually in the same vegetable family as cabbage and broccoli and is also an adaptogen herb. Adaptogens are unique and help the body adapt and deal with many stressors. Maca is grown in the mountains of South America and has been used in history for balancing hormones and improving libido.

Maca Benefits:

1) Naturally balance hormones
• Issues relating to hormones
⁃ PMS, menopause and PCOS
• Helps lower cortisol (high stress hormone)

2) Infertility
• Balances hormones & helps reproductive organs of men and women

3) Naturally improve testosterone in men
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4) Boost energy levels
• Issues relating to decreased energy
⁃ Chronic fatigue or adrenal fatigue

How to take maca root:
1 TBS of maca each day in a smoothie
* Mix cacao, coconut oil and maca for extra energy boosting

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Source: Benefits of Maca Root

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