Is Jelqing Safe? 7 Natural Enlargement Dangers They WON’t Tell You on TV

How safe is jelqing? Does it hurt? Can it lead to penile danger or damage? What about impotence, erectile dysfunction or other sexual performance side-effects? Can natural penis enlargement techniques like the jelq actually cause more harm than good?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the tens of millions of men who feel some sort of insecurity about your anatomy, the likelihood is you’ve heard something about natural male enhancement exercise.

While much of this information is true and helpful and can even revolutionize your sexual self-esteem and self-confidence, there ARE in fact lots of little known dangers to any penile enlargement program, and that includes exercise.

Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

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So what IS this strange sounding technique supposed to do?

The truth is, the exercise is designed to both stress and stretch he spongy tissue in the penile chamber causing it to expand. This process is also thought to expand the ability of the penis to hold blood while erect.

In a nutshell?

All of this is accomplished by systematically stretching, stressing and extending the pliable tissue in the penis until it breaks down and re-generates.

This new tissue grows back “tougher” or thicker, and is thought to be able to hold up to 25% more blood while erect. The underlying anatomy is ALSO affected by the repeated process of stretching the spongy penile tissue, meaning that even while flaccid, the penis should be both longer and stronger.

All sounds pretty good, right?

It does! And for many, the basic biological understanding of how penile enlargement works, is often enough of a motivation to have them dive in and do it, without sufficient understanding of the various dangers involved in doing it the wrong way.

Let’s look at 7 ways that you can actually do damage to your anatomy if you aren’t careful.

1 – Penile pain due to too much pressure

2 – Penile scarring

3 – Blood vessel damage

4 – Penile numbness

5 – Sexual performance side affects (most commonly Erectile Dysfunction for several days after jelqing improperly)

6 – Difficulty achieving orgasm (or reduced sensation and enjoyment of orgasm)

7 – An unexpected drop in libido, or sexual desire

The truth? While all of these side-effects are temporary and completely reversible, they can be avoided as well. Learning the correct natural male enhancement techniques are often much more than reading a simple article online, and often pay dividends that go beyond size… and include safety as well.

Let’s look at a few quick and easy ways you can make sure that you are not only doing an important exercise safely, you are also learning to do it in a way that maximizes your momentum as well.

1 – Always do a warm up and warm up down process before you begin any natural male enhancement exercise program.

2 – Understand that jelqing is NOT a sexual exercise or activity. It is not meant to emulate masturbation in any way, and is not meant to cause arousal of any kind.

3 – As above, you should not do any male enlargement exercise with an erection. It may seem counter intuitive, but trust me, it’s not a good idea for increasing size, or for safety.

4 – Use a lubricant to protect your skin

5 – Start slow and get comfortable. Learn what feels right for YOUR body may not be what is right for mine.

Lastly, relax and don’t rush it. Great gains come from proper technique, commitment and consistency.

Staying mindful of all 3 will be the very best investment you’ve made in your size, and your sexual self esteem to boot!

Is Jelqing Safe? 7 Natural Enlargement Dangers They WON’t Tell You on TV by Anthony J. Rigliosi

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