Discover Sexual Body Language With Eye Contact And Other Positive Body Language Tips

One of the best ways to magnify attraction in a woman is the use of sexual body language including eye contact. A very attractive woman gets a lot of attention. They develop a skill of seeing if a man is attractive. Some even can tell this in a few seconds. Check out the following tips and become expert in having a positive body language. All it takes is a bit of practice.

Most women are after a masculine man. Such a man is confident and happy in his body and in his sexuality.

If you ask a woman about her attraction to men, most will not be able to put the feeling into words. It is from a deep unconscious part of the brain. The good news is that you can trigger attraction in a woman by learning some body language skills and signals. These trigger the attraction reflex.

If you are a natural guy that attracts women easily then you do not need to change. However, if you are not, you need to learn these body language skills. Just copy what any cool man does and you will do well.

Many guides teach men to use opening lines that come across as very unnatural. Being yourself is very important when interacting with a woman. One can learn some simple skills to enhance your attraction. Practice makes perfect.

Powerful Body Language Skills.

The first contact with a woman sets up the energy vibe. Hold her eye contact for a few seconds more than her. Most men break the eye contact before the woman. This shows that you are a little boy. They sense your fear. Hold her in the eyes longer and this will really make her notice you. You will come across as a strong man. You will come across as more sexy too.

Do some homework by practising in a shopping mall. Practice the above skill again and again.

The next skill in eye contact is to project your love energy. When you see a woman, get in the feeling of self love and let this energy come out in your eyes. Imagine this and it will become natural in time. She will feel you as non-needy, too.

Now you need to feel huge. By sittings and standing taller you project this to any one that looks at you. Sitting and standing tall takes up more space. Another tip is to use slow movements and gestures. Talk slow. This takes a lot of practice, because when we are nervous, we talk too fast and use a higher tone. So use cool slow movements and make no nervous gestures. Be cool in the use of slow movements.

One can find confident body language signals in a movie. An action movie always have a masculine star. See how the man uses his body language. By the use of a more resonating voice tone tells anyone that you are more powerful. Try to speak deeper, from your tummy.

Discover Sexual Body Language With Eye Contact And Other Positive Body Language Tips by Maurice Tate

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