Cure Prostate Stones and Calcifications

How do you know if you have prostate stones or calcifications? Why are they so difficult to get rid of? How can you effectively cure a calcified prostate, prostatitis, BPH and remove prostate stones? If you are looking for the answer to these three important questions, then you will want to keep reading.

Do you have prostate stones or calcifications? The best way to identify this condition in the prostate is with an ultrasound scan. The scan can clearly show bright spots when there are multiple spots of calcifications. It is a simple laboratory test to find out whether you have the condition and how severe it is.

The most common symptom for prostate stones is difficulty urinating. The swollen gland pushes on the urethra, making it difficult to fully empty the bladder. This causes a frequent urge to urinate, but only passing a small amount of urine. Slow starting, weak flow or dribbling urine is another common sign of stones.

Why are prostatic calcifications and prostate stones difficult to get rid of? The treatments for these stones and calcifications are difficult for western doctors to treat. Small stones form in the prostate causing blockages. This is one contributor to the swollen gland. Because the prostate is a very special and small organ, similar to the size of a chestnut, surgery can not be used to break stones or to eliminate such calculi. Surgical operations are not effective treatments for curing the condition and antibiotics may not be the best treatment because they can not break up calcifications!

You may wonder why you have calcification and stones in your prostate gland? The prostate calcifies, next the calculi turn into stones, and fibrosis results as scarring from the inflammation. It is true that some patients do not have any symptoms. Some urologists state that treatment is not necessary but this is bad advice because calcification is the pre-cursor of prostate stones. Without timely treatment, the sediment will turn into stones, which is more difficult to treat. Moreover, bacteria will easily grow in the sex gland amidst the calcification and stones. Without clearing the blockage in the prostate gland, prostatitis will never be really be cured.

Since the prostate is a sex gland, during the sexual life of erection and ejaculation, the prostate is always in a state of engorgement and congestion. When this engorgement action is happening over and over, circulation becomes blocked, preventing the heat and toxins in the prostate to clear out. These toxin deposits eventually turn into hardened deposits. Just as a river flows, the prostate flow works in the same way. The sediment becomes a blockage in the prostate tubes. Continuous blockage stops the flow, which causes the tubes to become swollen oppressing the bladder, bowel, abdominal cavity organ, which then causes pelvis pain, urine pain and other symptoms. It is possible to feel no symptoms when the enlarged prostate does not oppress other organs, but unless you take action to remove these calcifications and stones, they only continue to grow larger forming stones.

How can you effectively cure a calcified prostate , prostatitis, BPH and remove prostate stones? Since calcifications and stones cause inflammation, the only way to heal non-bacterial prostatitis is to remove the blockage, eliminate toxins in the gland, and quicken the circulation to expel stasis. This method can dissolve and remove prostate stones. Using an herbal rectal suppository treatment to remove prostate stones and calcifications is an advanced, effective method, and it is very safe for your body. Using an herbal formula in a rectal suppository form allows your body to absorb 80% of the ingredients directly into your bloodstream, just inches from your sexual gland, causing the stones to dissolve and your body will naturally remove the blockages from your prostate effectively.

You can even see fragments come out of urine during the treatment. The powerful herbs cure these stubborn prostate blockages from the root. Once you get rid of the stones, they will be permanently dispelled from your body.

Another helpful method to assist in the circulation of your prostate gland is prostate massage, which has been used for centuries as a part of Oriental and Ayurvedic holistic health practice. It is no coincidence that Asian men tend to have lower rates of prostate cancer. Massaging the sexual gland is once again becoming more widely recommended as researchers discover that this circulation therapy complements and increases the effectiveness of antibiotics and herbal remedies by getting blood moving to the sex gland. Many men find that prostate massage is successful where other therapies have failed. This form of massage coupled with herbal therapies can break up stones and your body will expel them through urine and semen. Removing the sediment and toxins is the only way to cure prostate calcifications and prostate stones.

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