Cure Erectile Dysfunction — Naturally Using The Konov Principle

ED, or erectile dysfunction, affects over 50% of men over 50, and as a man ages, that number raises dramatically.

The blue pills,have become one the world’s largest selling medicine due to this condition. However, all the blue pills have unpleasant side-effects, and some men cannot take them due to their need to take other medications, here is a way to cure ED which is little known and can be highly effective.

Can ED really be cured naturally?

The answer is yes! The method is the use of the Konov Principle, and learning about how to contact and engage your genetic memory.

The Konov Principle

First suggested by the Russian filmmaker and thinker, Sergey Konov, the Konov Principle suggests that each person can contact and remember (physically if not mentally) their genetic memory.

Genetic memory is akin to Rupert Sheldrake’s morphogenetic field, but more specific and concerned with the genetic storage of life events of each person.

By getting in conscious contact with one’s genetic memory, a person can trigger those responses the body made when it was young and healthy. A good example, when concerned with ED, is that one’s genetic memory has all the records of the body’s responses when it had no problem with ED.

By “remembering” via one’s genetic memory, one can induce those same responses, at least partially, and arrive at state where the body is receiving the same doses of hormones, and proteins it did when there was no ED.

Getting in Touch with our Genetic Memory

There are certain memory exercises that can be used to get in conscious contact with their genetic memory. For this article, here is the simplest one. By daily practice of this exercise, one will be able to recall his earlier pattern, and the body will respond to conscious will to repeat it.

While sitting in a comfortable position, one can practice breathing exercises to relax. This is a yogic exercise called “watching the breath”. While sitting comfortably, start mentally watching your breath. Feel and then see the air rushing in and out, and down to the lung, and into each small areole. Do this for about 5 minutes.

As you are relaxed, visualize you can see inside your body. Follow this new power and look into a familiar organ related to your problem, and in this case ED. Go deep into your body and come to the testicles. This is an obvious area, and indeed, the cells of the testicle are charged with male hormones.

Keep visualizing going deeper until you are in a cell itself.

Find the chromosomes (they are in the cell nucleus), and you can see them all twisted up together, as if strands of spaghetti.

Go deeper till you see the proteins themselves that comprise the DNA.

Go deeper still till all you see are the waves of atoms (as if watching the sea) and there you will notice pure intelligence. There is the place where the genetic memory is stored.

When you have visualized this, see the place when your body was at its very best moment.

You can see this as the area is surrounded by a bright and peaceful light. Now, simply gaze upon it, and when you feel you have irradiated that area with your thought, now remember yourself when you were young and virile. Recall your rock-hard erections, and burning libido. When those thoughts have become conscious, slowly go back to watching your breath, and then stop the exercise.

What have you achieved?

You have, if done properly and sincerely, stimulated yourself at the cellular, even molecular level. This, if repeated with sincere effort, will cause the body to begin releasing the chemicals and nervous impulses it did when you originally had them.

Your libido will naturally increase, and moreover, the contacting of your genetic memory with active thought will in full or part, cause your body to follow suit. You will find yourself feeling young and virile once again and cure erectile dysfunction naturally without medication.

Cure Erectile Dysfunction — Naturally Using The Konov Principle by Sacha Tarkovsky

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