10 Do's And Don'ts For A Powerful, Lasting Erection

Erectile dysfunctions normally occur as men get older, but it can also affect men of all ages, whose erections can be influenced by various factors. To avoid erectile dysfunction, there are things you should and should not do.

1. Be careful with what you eat!

A nutrition that, for example, is unhealthy for your heart, is also unhealthy for your erection. Any food that puts you at risk for a heart attack, can also be a trigger for erectile dysfunction. If your diet is mainly based on fried and fatty foods, and meats, you should make a change: switch to fresh vegetables and fruits, low fat dairy products, give up on fried food and opt for baked or grilled foods and reduce the fat surplus . Following this advice, it is no wonder Mediterranean men are rarely affected by erectile dysfunction: men from this area consume vegetables, fruits, fish, pasta, seafood, and a glass of red wine daily.

2. Pay attention to your weight!

If you are overweight or obese, do not be surprised that your penis suffers from it, or better said, its erection. First of all, overweight men are at higher risk of the two types of diabetes, conditions which can in turn cause erectile dysfunction.

3. Keep an eye out for high blood pressure and cholesterol!

On top of it, overweight men often have a high blood level of cholesterol, which leads to a high blood pressure. High blood pressure affects the blood flow, and since it is the blood flow which is responsible for a strong, lasting erection, men should definitely watch their weight!

4. Consume alcohol in moderation or give it up entirely!

There is no clear-cut direct proof to show that those who consume alcohol moderately can have erectile dysfunction. But, men should know that drinking alcohol excessively and frequently affects their liver. And once the liver is affected, it can cause hormonal disorders, which can negatively impact a man's erection.

5. Exercise!

Being a couch potato all day long is not only bad for a man's erection, it does not go hand in hand with a healthy sex life at all. This is valid for both men and women. Exercise regularly and stay in shape! Men should still be careful with some type of exercises that can overload the perineum area, the area between the scrotum and anus. Researchers say that these types of exercises can lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, men should not exaggerate with the bicycle, and should only use it once in a while for cycling outdoors in the fresh air.

6. Careful with the testosterone level!

Even if a man is perfectly healthy, around the age of 50 years old his testosterone levels start decreasing. Even after the age of 40, testosterone levels fall around 1.3%. Symptoms such as low libido, lack of an appetite for sex, lack of concentration are things that should lead a man to make an appointment with a doctor and to closely supervise the level of testosterone.

7. Avoid steroids!

This advice is primarily for the athletic men and those who practice bodybuilding, the main users of steroids: the regular use of steroids affect the testicles which can lead to a lower level of testosterone.

8. If you're a smoker, give it up!

Smoking has a direct effect on the blood flow which is the foundation for a normal, strong erection. Give up smoking!

9. Details count when having sex!

Some penetrations can be painful, which can lead to sexual inhibition and trigger erectile dysfunction. If for example, the vagina is not well lubricated, the penetration can be painful for the man, as well as the woman. Make sure it's well lubricated, to avoid some unpleasant surprises. Plus, if the man's sexual partner moves in a way which does not give pleasure, or even worse, causes a discomfort around the penis, he should stop and tell her.

10. Careful to stress!

Stress leads to an increase of adrenaline in a man's body, which in turn leads to the contraction of blood vessels. The contraction of blood vessels is not good for an erection, as it restricts normal blood flow. For a healthy sexual life and a powerful, lasting erection, men should be as relaxed as possible and reduce the stress in their lives.

10 Do's And Don'ts For A Powerful, Lasting Erection by Andrei C.

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