Your Breath as Important as Foods You Eat | Breathing Tips for Deeper Sleep, Reduced Stress

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➢Today’s show is brought to you by Health Code! The makers of Complete Meal, formulated by Ben Bikman, PhD

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James Nestor, author of Breath reveals many intricacies of breathing that are very important for your health.

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03:45 Your nose is your primary filter, your first line of defense.
05:35 Kids with ADHD, once they start breathing through their nose, have a reduction in symptoms.
05:46 Neurological function and metabolism are linked to the way you breathe.
07:26 The less you use your nose, the less you will be able to use your nose.
07:50 Mouth taping during sleep is for training yourself to keep your mouth shut.
09:32 When breathing through your nose, air slowed, pressurized and filtered. Nasal breathing increases nitric oxide, which interacts directly with viruses and bacteria.
11:30 The need to breathe is dictated by CO2, not oxygen.
12:50 Our noses are closely connected to our genitals.
14:00. Never workout harder than you can breathe correctly.
16:05 You can increase the size of your airway with appliances that broaden your pallet. Chewing your food helps, as does oropharyngeal exercises.
16:18 By exercising your tongue, you can help open the airway.
18:22 Jaw and airway development begins with breastfeeding.
19:40 Chewing increases circulation to the brain, increases parasympathetic response, helps drain fluid from your sinuses and more.
21:25 The Framingham study found that the most accurate marker of longevity was lung size and respirator health.
26:50 How you breathe affects your posture and your posture affects how you breathe.
32:27 If you breathe at a rate of 20 breaths per minute, you get 50% efficiency. If you breathe at 12 breaths per minute, efficiency increases to 70%.
38:30 Right nostril breathing activates more heat, blood pressure will go up and heartrate will go up, more connections will be made on the left side of the brain.
38:44 Left nostril breathing is cooling, lowers heartrate, blood pressure reduces and more responses are triggered on the Right side of the brain.
47:00 Waking up with a dry mouth is a symptom of sleep disordered breathing.
48:47 Women who urinate more than 2 times a night, have an increase of mortality by a significant amount.
50:39 Hypoventilation is like altitude training that you can do anywhere.
51:50 You will lose more weight with hypoventilation training.
55:00 People with anxiety, panic, and even asthma, have a low tolerance for CO2.
58:04 Anxiety and panic may be a physical problem and not a mental problem.
01:00:55 Diaphragm works like a pump for lymph fluid.
01:05:08 Cancer starts and progresses in areas of low oxygen.
01:08:23 Respiratory gasses can be measured with a blood draw.

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