Vegetable Oil Problems & Feed Lot Animals w/ Paul Saladino

Dr. Saladino shares new insights about how consuming vegetable oils enriched in linoleic acid might be negatively affecting your health.

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————————————– Key Timestamps———————————-

09:55 People suffering most from the virus have metabolic dysfunction: diabetes, insulin resistance.
16:18 The balance and cooperation between the innate and the adaptive immune systems is disordered in metabolic dysfunction.
22:05 In order to generate antibodies from a vaccine, you need a concert of innate and adaptive immune systems.
28:31 The NLRP3 inflammasome is overactivated in metabolic disorders.
33:34 Ageing is accelerated by insulin resistance.
37:47 Most times, it is insulin resistance leading to inflammation.
Autoimmune conditions can cause insulin resistance.
41:20 Vegetable oils, like linoleic fatty acid and steric fatty acid, have profound metabolic signaling effects.
44:10 Metformin changes mitochondrial metabolism.
44:55 Leptin is a metabolic and immune hormone that is linked with autoimmune disease.
46:30 Steric acid, is present in cacao butter and suet (kidney fat).
49:11 Polyunsaturated fatty acid in human adipose tissue has increased over 135% in last 60 to 70 years. The majority of our excess polyunsaturated fatty acids are linoleic acid.
51:40 The more saturated an oil is, the more susceptible it is to oxidation or peroxidation.
52:08 Excess consumption of omega 3 as fish oil supplements may lead to increased lipid peroxidation products.
53:14 DHA/arachidonic acid ratio in the brain of developing infants can be disordered when mothers are consuming too much linoleic acid during gestation.
54:30 Mitochondria turn on and begin beta oxidation from signaling from steric acid.
56:30 When we consume linoleic acid, levels increase in our blood and our fatty acid tissue. When you give humans or mitochondria linoleic acid, they become more insulin sensitive.
58:31 Visceral adipose tissue can be a main source of lipokine signals to the rest of the body whether to become insulin sensitive or insulin resistant.
01:01:10 When fat becomes insulin sensitive, it expands.
01:08:00 Steric acid is not toxic to humans. It is an evolutionary signal that you have abundance.
01:12:40 Grass fed ground beef or stew meat is less expensive than cuts.
01:15:10 Animal fat from Suet, tallow, and dairy are the best fat sources.
01:18:10 Chickens and pork store linoleic acid from corn and soy and pass it on to you.
01:17:23 DHA deficiency may be from linoleic acid excess.
01:19:49 A linoleic to DHA ratio is more helpful than a 3 to 6 ratio.
01:20:20 Linoleic acid below 18% in a red blood cell is preferred by Dr. Saladino.
01:22:40 When your adipocytes are over full, they excrete palmitate into the blood. Ingesting saturated fat does not increase the tissue level of palmitate.

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