Vegancuts Chocolate Box Unboxing, Munching & Review

Woo hoo! Vegancuts sent us the new limited edition CHOCOLATE BOX to try out!!! This one-off box is always a highlight of the year from this vegan subscription box service. Ryan and I sat down together to try out all 15 items, giving our honest opinion on everything, and selected our fave chocolate snacks from Endangered Species, Larabar, Tahoe Trail Bar, Taza, Four Sigmatic, Svelte, Lekkco, Nugo Nutrition, Maxine’s Heavenly, Raaka, No Whey!, Shrooms, Back to Nature, 2Fit Brands, and Panda.

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This video is not sponsored, as in made-for-pay, but may include some items given to me gratis for possible review purposes. I make videos featuring vegan products for the joy of sharing vegan friendly items with my viewers.

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