Vegan Doctors Panel at SoCal Vegfest featuring Dr. Angie Sadeghi

The 2nd day of So Cal Vegfest featured a really informative panel called ‘Thriving on A Vegan Diet: Health Expert Panel’ featuring Dr. Angie Sedeghi, Dr. Justyna Sanders of Prescription Lifestyle, and Micah Yu & Melissa Mondala of Dr. Lifestyle, plus moderators James & Dahlia Marin of Married to Health. Wow! It was so super packed with information, much of which perfectly backs up what Ryan and I have been saying on this channel for years. I wanted to capture the full talk so that all of you who weren’t able to attend could hear this expert advice, too. I have to admit that we were both especially excited to hear local Dr. Angie speak. I’ve been following her on Instagram for some time. She didn’t disappoint, either, giving great insight into the recent trend of vegan influencers renouncing the vegan diet, as well as giving a great demonstration of how “Leaky Gut” works, and explaining what Sibo is.

We got to meet her briefly before the panel and I got some cute pix of her and Ryan. I’ll have to post one on the community tab!



Here’s the official description of the panel:

Regardless of the reasons that sparked your interest in going 100% plant based, it’s helpful to have knowledgeable guides as we learn to make positive choices that have a direct impact on our well-being. Our panelists share dos and don’ts to help us navigate lifestyle and nutritional changes to create balance and good health.

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