The real issue with this vaccine- nation is not what you think. Stop wasting your time dwelling on the vaccine thing. Here’s why and what you should do.
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As for those people who keep regurgitating what they see on the internet about it “changing your DNA”. DNA DNA DNA DNA Stop living in fear. Learn about epigenetics- even the way you think is DNA altering. As for damage, nothing melts your DNA more than nuclear radiation. The test pilot I interviewed flew right through the big mushroom cloud during a test blast. He was a government guinea pig. His DNA was altered more than you could ever imagine. His copilot and all the other pilots died, yet this guy is still alive 50 years later. He got very sick but he learned how to heal himself in the same manner as the girl from Chernobyl. You have two choices- live in fear and die or live. Nothing breeds and spreads faster than fear and misinformation. The internet is turning peoples brains into jello. Give your power away or take control and start living, the choice is yours.
I’ve talked to lots of soldiers who were in Vietnam. You know who died and who survived? The one’s who turned off their emotions and fear survived. They owned it. Guess what happened to those who went in fearing the worst? When you don’t dwell or fear, your mind and soul are clear and things get done. If something is forced, you deal with it and keep moving. You either keep going or you don’t. Stop whining and feeling helpless. Step one is stop wasting time believing everything you hear on the internet. Step two is put things in your favor so you can fight off whatever comes your way. Start taking control of your own life.

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