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Advanced TRS is a man-made zeolite. Zeolites are also minerals found in nature, but Advanced TRS makes theirs in a lab to ensure it is completely free of contaminants.

Zeolites are completely inert, which means they do not react or release in the body in any way. With manufactured clinoptilolite (one of the many forms of zeolite- what Advanced TRS is made from), the crystal structure forms a cage of 8-ring and 10-ring structures that have the natural ability to attract positively charged ions (such as heavy metals) and absorb them.

Zeolites absorbs and binds heavy metals
Once the zeolite has absorbed the heavy metal, which it ‘sorts’ and ‘accepts’ according to charge and size. Then the zeolite has the heavy metal bound up inside it, where it can be filtered and passed much more easily by the body’s detoxification system.

The problem with not having the heavy metals bound is that they are easily absorbed back into the body’s system before they have a chance to exit.

The first time I heard this I think my reaction was, “Um, wait, WHAT?”

Common sense disclaimer: All these terms we haven’t heard of can be intimidating, especially when it comes to giving this to your child. I did my research and I was comfortable with trying this for myself and then my child, and I really liked the results. Of course, I’m just a mom sharing her story, it is up to you to do your own research for yourself and your family. This is informational in nature and cannot be considered medical advice.

We know that heavy metals are serious business and are cautious. we take care to avoid overexposure to heavy metals with water treatment, careful removal of lead-containing paint, and care used with products that contain mercury and lead, especially around children and pregnant women.

Gut health and heavy metals are a bit of a chicken and an egg scenario.

Poor gut health (often from antibiotic overuse, inflammation, or pathogenic gut flora) causes an inflamed gut that doesn’t detoxify as well as it should. When the gut isn’t working properly, our detoxification system isn’t working properly, and a buildup of toxins can happen. This is often why people with digestive issues also have chemical sensitivities, and why kids with autism often have many chemical allergies.

On the other hand, heavy metals damage the gut, causing overgrowth of pathogenic flora (7) that then colonizes the gut.

This overgrowth of pathogenic flora can cause all sorts of problems such as:

Unexplained pain
Brain fog
Impulsive behavior
Chronic fatigue
Frequent yeast infections and rashes
Gut inflammation and opportunity for more pathogenic flora to colonize (8)
That is on top of the potential problems that arise when heavy metals are too high in the body (9):

Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
Heart abnormalities
Nervous system symptoms (numbness, tingling of hands and feet, and weakness)
Anemia (a classic symptom of chronic metal exposure)
Kidney damage
Liver damage
Lung irritation, or fluid accumulation (edema)
Brain dysfunction such as memory loss
Horizontal lines on the nails
Changes in behavior
Malformed bones in children, or weakened bones
Miscarriage or premature labor in pregnant women * Some, but not all, links above may be affiliate links. I take care to only promote items that I would buy for my own family without being compensated by the company. Thankfully, when you purchase through my links at no extra cost to you, I get a kickback which means I’m able to keep bringing you as much free educational content as I can!

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