Training on Keto & Getting Your Family Off Carbs (junk) w/ Danny Vega

Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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Lifelong athlete, Danny Vega, MS discusses tips for staying lean and strong on a ketogenic and carnivore diet.

He underscores the importance of trying new things and prioritizing whole, real foods.

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————————————– Key Timestamps———————————-

04:33 Keto is about living your best life and being the best version of yourself.
07:37 Nutrition plays a huge part in performance and feeling good.
10:37 Danny has recently taken up hunting and plans to have his children take gun safety classes.
10:55 Everything about hunting was like a meditation. Hunters are the biggest conservationists.
15:08 We need to eat the whole animal.
18:53 Pre-slaughter/life stress of animals affects us when we eat the meat.
22:42 Going Keto was life changing for Danny.
26:34 Danny wanted to learn more about keto applications for athletes and ended up cohosting a podcast.
27:16 There is no noticeable difference for people who train from 50 to 80% of VO2 max using carbs or fat for fuel once they are fat adapted.
27:55 Professional athletes find that performance is enhanced, not hindered by being fat adapted.
30:30 Technology is causing kids to not have real relationships.
35:43 Lifting heavy is important for hormones, bone strength and connective tissue.
36:30 The keto lifestyle is a person to person grassroots movement.
41:30 Danny daily incorporates injury prevention protocols/exercises. He habitually moves like an athlete at all times.
42:53 It makes sense to bring in carbs on competition day. If you are fat adapted, the carbs become a PED.
45:33 Carbs are used after workouts, on the occasions where Danny uses carbs.
51:32 The most important macro to track is protein.
52:25 If you are sedentary, eating a high fat version of the keto diet and your cells are replete with fat, you may develop insulin resistance.
53:26 Fasting glucose rose when Danny increased his protein intake.
55:05 Wait until your blood sugar is regulated before increasing with protein levels.
57:10 Satiety signals could include the stretch of the stomach, nutrient sensing, and hunger hormones.
58:37 Danny’s wife feels that best she has ever felt with a high meat diet with carbs cycled in around ovulation and menstruation.
01:02:36 Your strategies to maintain optimal fitness and health shift as you age and as you learn. Keep an open mind.
01:06:04 Danny’s lifetime exercise is the deadlift. You don’t need a spot and it provides a testosterone release and works much of your body, including grip strength.
01:06:59 Overhead press movement and the ability to pull yourself up is important due to our kyphotic lifestyles.
01:08:49 If you can do perfect squats and perfect pushups, you can load yourself.

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