The Favorite Classic Creative Videos We’ve Made

If you haven’t seen the classic videos yet, be sure to see them. They are mini Hollywood movies using skills I’ve learned while working in the film industry for 20 years, but using them to inspire people to a healthier life while smiling, laughing and being entertained. You may have seen some of these, but probably not all, these are all gems. In a strange kind of way, these are a type of medicine because what you take into your eyes, ears, mind and emotions can change your life in an instant if you let it. Or watch them over and over until they have their effect over time. I hope they touch you with magic like they have Cara and me.

Princess recipe
Princess video behind scenes
Stewardess Nut Crunch
Spy Girl behind scenes
Bacon Jerky
WeCan Do it
Marinated cactus Spanish
Blonde vs Duck Game show
A Message from Your Heart
The Sweetville House
AB workout on beach
Hot tubs can make you fat
Apple ravioli
Steve Jobs lookalike gives Profound Advice
Terminator interview; profound words from the future
Raw Spirit Festival Invitation

IE Yours Free
The Iceberg Effect Free Book