The Challenge to Be Yourself

One of the biggest secrets of success is ripe with irony, because it is both the simplest, yet most difficult thing for people to do- to be themselves. You would think it was the easiest thing for people to do, but it is the hardest. Why? Because it’s not something most know how to do. We have been programmed our entire lives to follow pre-established methods set by others. Many of them are not even that great, but it’s all we know and have been taught. It became our comfort zone to simply do what others have always done. This is why most people aren’t happy in life- because they are not living their own life! Being ourselves is foreign. It’s downright scary because we would be doing something that no one else has done. People fear ridicule and failure. But one thing that history shows us over and over…is those few who break the norm and have the courage to be themselves… are the ones who eventually changed the world.
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