Success-Mentality Doesn't Run Lights

Why being in a hurry is not going to help much. Everybody is in a hurry. No time. Impatient. They think running traffic lights will save them time and allow them to accomplish their goals faster and more efficiently. Not exactly. In fact, that type of thinking creates an energy that becomes not only counterproductive, but dangerous and also life-shortening because of the anxiety and stress. Success in requires a clear mind, calmness and inner peace in order to see the correct path in life and all the little steps needed to make things happen. We cannot see those little important details if we are in a hurry. Sure we may be a few minutes late… but that gives us time to reflect and allow life to function properly. Time is an illusion. It creates undue pressure that stifles our creative process. Watch this important video about one of the things successful people do that most people don’t.
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