Stress-Proof Household Budgeting with The Envelope System

Download the Envelope-System Budgeting Worksheet:
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I recommend: Dave Ramsey’s Book The Total Money Makeover:
Video timestamps:
0:32 Envelope System
1:20 use the reward center of your brain
1:36 money does not buy happiness… but…
2:05 old-fashioned tried and true budgeting
2:24 instructions on how to do envelope budgeting
2:56 priorities: shelter, utilities, food
3:35 that time I left $300 in cash in an envelope at the register at Costco
4:15 good for both spenders and savers
5:19 working together to come up with envelope totals (shared finance relationships)
5:49 self employment, inconsistent income, variable expenses
6:10 tips for setting up your first envelope system
6:45 our envelopes for our family
8:05 the more tight your financial situation, the more envelopes you will have.
8:24 personal spending (blow) money
9:47 resentment
10:20 resistance from a reluctant budgeter
10:50 if you are paid weekly, monthly, etc
11:23 objections to the envelope system
11:50 cash back credit cards, or rewards cards (hard no)
12:26 budgeting apps that do the same thing (no they don’t)

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