Stay Away From Toxic People part 2

The energy of the people around us directly affects our life in more ways than we could imagine. Negative people can totally drain us within seconds. Depression is like cancer, eating at our soul. We are tested throughout life by people taunting and challenging us into debates, arguments and cutting down our self worth and positive flow in life. Often times the most toxic thing in our lives can be our family, “friends”, coworkers, boss, husband, wife, and of course people on the internet. Don’t get sucked into a fight, it will drain you until you are incapable of functioning. People think they must always fight to save their reputation or simply prove they are right. This is a trap. Don’t go looking for fights- go looking for positive energy and starting building a better world. Life is too short to always prove you are right. The truth will always come out with or without you.
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