Slowing Aging w/ Metformin, Rapamycin & More: Longevity Researcher Tells All

Matt Kaeberlein, PhD discusses how improving the mechanisms of aging enhance not only support longevity, but also boost immune system health.

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04:00 Your risk of a severe outcome from Corona has an age-related exponential increase.
07:03 No federal Corona funds went to the National Institute on Aging, despite the fact that age is the greatest risk factor for dying from Corona.
18:16 Targeting the biological mechanisms of aging strengthens the immune system of older people against many illnesses.
19:44 Biological aging can be impacted significantly. With the immune system, we can probably get a 20-year restoration of function, maybe more.
31:25 Genes that affect aging were created to make the decision between fast reproduction/low stress resistance vs slow reproduction/high stress resistance.
32:14 Unregulated continued expression of pathways like mTOR at high levels drives aging.
33:58 With chronic expression of pro-growth pathways in dividing cells, your risk of developing cancer goes up dramatically.
35:18 The continued expression of pro-growth pathways in cells in the brain and heart, is associated with higher levels of oxidative stress.
35:42 High levels of oxidative stress largely from metabolic processes can cause cells to go into senescent state, where the cells give off pro-inflammatory signals.
37:05 Age related increase of inflammation creates an environment that permits many of the functional declines and diseases associated with aging.
37:54 In mice, if you clear senescent cells accumulated from aging, you see a dramatic reduction in inflammatory molecules and signaling, increased lifespan and functional improvements.
38:12 When we treat old mice with rapamycin, in as little as 8 weeks, it turns down senescent inflammatory response.
46:30 Because of a chronic inflammatory state, the immune system is no longer able to respond appropriately to challenges, inappropriately responds to self-antigens and fails to survail cancer early.
49:15 Rapamycin dampens the chronic inflammatory state.
50:03 Short term treatment with Rapamycin in mice allows old mice to respond to a vaccine like a young mouse.
50:15 Healthy older people improved their response to an influenza vaccine in 6-week clinical trials in humans using a Rapamycin derivative Everolimus/RAD001.
01:05:30 Rapamycin shifts metabolism away from primarily glucose-based metabolic state to utilizing alternative carbon sources, ketone bodies and fat metabolism.
01:09:30 People with diabetes who take Metformin live longer than people with diabetes who do not.
01:14:20 High levels of autophagy are often associated with healthier aging and lifespan. High levels of autophagy are also associated with many pathological conditions.
01:26:00 You can nominate your dog to participate in the Dog Aging project. Your dog must be at least 7 years old and weigh at least 40 pounds.

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