Salted Soft Caramels Without Corn Syrup

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The secret ingredient in these soft caramels is coconut nectar, which inhibits the sugar from re-crystalizing before we want it to, without using corn syrup or glucose syrup. These delicious soft chewy caramels are sure to be a hit on your treat plate, or served from a candy bowl this winter. This recipe is easy to follow, and the touch of salt just perfectly complements the sweet buttery chewy candy. This is my #1 recipe and most frequent request from the book Candy Making Without Corn Syrup.

As we noted when we talked about gourmet candy making without corn syrup, make sure you follow the directions exactly! Read more here:

An extra stir, an ingredient added too late, or a temperature exceeded will all cause your caramels to turn from anything from caramel sauce gritty sticky caramel to burnt hard toffee. The directions aren’t difficult, they just require you keep an eye on the thermometer and aren’t distracted during the making.

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