Old School Exercise Tips That Build Muscle & Burn FAt

Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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Learn new ways to get more out of your exercise training with Dr. Christy Glidden, DC.

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————————————– Key Timestamps———————————-

02:29 Start from health, otherwise you are playing catchup.
03:36 Dr. Glidden makes sure her blood work is optimal, including liver enzymes and thyroid markers.
05:03 A more functional medicine holistic view is catching on within the body building community.
05:28 Christy ensures that her clients understand food, training and how the body moves.
07:15 Bracing the core properly prevents the breakdown of extremities when lifting heavy weights.
08:33 Movement at the spinal column translates to movement at the hips and ribcage.
10:01 Chiropractic adjustment is a small piece of the puzzle. Muscles move the bones.
11:48 Dr. Glidden does not prescribe stretching to her patients as a way to work out tension.
12:35 Foam roll and movement is a better way to get blood flow into the tight tissue so it can heal.
14:38 See how the joint lays and how the joint moves and balance the function between the sides.
15:48 Single leg training should be in everyone’s regimen.
17:57 Bracing of the spine comes from the tight tension within the abdominal thoracic cavity.
20:38 Breath work alters the sympathetic and parasympathetic to relieve tightness. This allows the joint to move.
21:58 The exhale is enabled by the activation transverse abdominis. Unless it is activated, you don’t get a full inhale and exhale.
24:13 Pelvic floor work begins with the diaphragm.
30:27 There are many ways to build your glutes. It should be done with the proper biomechanics.
32:19 Set your intention and awareness during training. Feel the right muscle elongating and shortening.
34:39 Slowly add calories to put on muscle but not fat.
40:14 Leaning out for competition can be followed by a large rebound of weight gain.
42:52 Let yourself have what you crave in moderation. Flexibility is important.
45:07 As a young athlete, Dr. Glidden wishes that she had known to strength train.

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