Ketones Benefit Your Immune System, Longevity Researcher Says

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In today’s show Brianna Stubbs, PhD and others are urging us to consider novel approaches, such as dietary strategies that bolster our immune resilience.

Stubbs shares key insights from her recent collaboration with a group of diverse scientists and reviews the details about how we can take action.

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04:23 Immunometabolism: We can influence our body’s metabolic system to affect our immunological response.
04:56 Our immune response is complicated.
07:55 Dr. Stubbs paper addresses the impact of ketones upon the immune system as well as the potential comorbidities from having contracted COVID.
11:40 There is a great deal we do not understand about COVID having to do with metabolism.
13:23 There are many different subtypes of T cells that work in concert.
14:30 Because there is so little known about corona virus, we do not know if the ketone biology that we see in other inflammatory situations would apply.
15:03 Our immune systems know how to deal with a virus, but, with this virus, we are seeing inappropriate immune responses: delayed first response and then a hyperactive immune response, leading to acute respiratory distress syndrome.
16:28 NLRP3 inflammasome is a protein complex that assembles as a result of inflammatory stimuli. It expedites the release of cytokines.
18:15 NLRP3/BHB/Glucose interaction.
19:50 There are metabolic differences between animals: mice vs rats, different strains of mice, and humans. It is good to remember this when reading study results.
21:46 NLRP3 is downstream from the transcription factors that affect gene expression.
23:39 Great Controlling Nucleotides: every reaction metabolism in our cell uses NAD or NADH. In the cytoplasm in our cells we have NADP and NADPH. It is almost like a redox buffering capacity.
24:00 Too much reductive stress is bad.
24:15 To fight Corona virus you need an oxidative response in your immune cells, because production of radicals to help to kill infected cells and destroy or harm the virus.
24:52 Ketone metabolism can boost the ability in the cell’s cytoplasm to be able to absorb some homeostatic challenges.
27:17 The Horvath clock tests your biological ageing. Edifice Health tests ageing via your immune status.
30:10 Ketones are protective against LPS and may also be protective against viral inflammation.
31:10 Being on a ketogenic diet or taking exogenous ketones may help with virus recovery.
33:10 There is little catabolism in the context of low insulin on a ketogenic diet.
35:26 MCT rely upon your body’s ketogenic process. Ketone salts deliver BHB directly into the blood, so there is no hepatic ketogenesis. Ketone esters, depending upon the compound, may include some natural ketogenesis.
36:53 Acetoacetate does some things that BHB does not, but it is challenging to measure.
37:32 It is hoped that as we understand disease better, we can target the metabolic countermeasure specifically and improve outcomes.

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