Ketones: a Metabolic Therapy to Decrease Inflammation w/ William Seeds, MD

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Dr. Seeds is a board certified surgeon with over 25 years of experience.


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04:30 The key to repair in the body is cell efficiency.
06:30 An intermittent fast of 72 hours, upregulates stem cell rejuvenation and improves surgical outcomes for metabolically disadvantaged patients.
08:00 Ketones are an energy source that the cell wants.
08:25 You can get into ketosis in less than a minute with ketone esters.
09:00 Improving cell efficiency lets the cell make intelligent decisions.
13:40 Intermittent fasting protocols can help reduce inflammation.
14:43 Ketone esters give immediate feedback. Nutritional ketosis decreases inflammation and positively effects the brain and the gut.
17:10 Your body adapts. Alternate ketone ester use and a fasting protocol for 6 weeks to 3 months is optimal.
20:55 Your cell creates great antioxidants required for fighting off pathogens. Ketone esters bring in a process where the cell needs to produce “reducing equivalents” called NADPH.
21:52 Antioxidants require the transfer of electrons back and forth as they reduce the oxidative states.
21:12 Viruses hijack disrupted cells. Producing more NADPH helps a cell adapt to the virus. Ketone esters instantly affect NADPH.
23:37 Ketones improve inflammasome reactions, and utilize other anti-inflammatory pathways specific to the lungs.
23:56 Lung cells make their own antibiotic/antimicrobial called LL-37.
25:15 The lung cell choosing glucose turns off the immune system and turns off production of LL-37.
27:07 Obesity turns off the cell’s flexibility and efficiency.
30:24 Supplemental antioxidants are not nearly as effective as the ones you make.
31:34 Free radicals are signaling agents. You need them for cell adaption. Overusing antioxidants can make you sick.
32:30 The two most powerful things you can do are to exercise and ensure proper nutrition.
36:35 We improve the modulation of the immune system by caring for the cell.
43:05 Many confuse ketosis with ketoacidosis. Exogenous ketones shut off fatty acid oxidation.
50:45 Dr. Seeds does intermittent fasting and breaks his fast with ketone esters. He adapts quickly, thus he changes his regimens.
52:30 Dr. Seeds does aerobic HIIT before resistance training. This readies stem cells for repair and recovery after resistance training.

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