I Don't Let My Kids Snack (and they are healthier and happier because of it)

Constant snacking is interfering with most children’s (and adult’s!) ability to consume appropriate balanced meals. and interfering with their ability to focus on something other than food for an extended amount of time.

The worry about packing food, making meals that aren’t consumed, and catering to picky eaters is interfering with our ability to not only go on outings free from the burdens of having center every activity around food, but also it is contributing to food waste, and preventing us from consuming what we really need to be eating, when we need to eat it.

Read the article about why we don’t snack (sources linked): https://healthhomeandhappiness.com/i-dont-let-my-kids-snack-and-it-has-made-us-all-healthier.html

See how we start babies on solids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcuJ-6Wiqe0&list=PLx6EgSlQ68VT5yDir8jiFhGZtdjaedNeB&index=1

Watch the free Picky Eating Solution Webinar: https://healthhomeandhappiness.com/picky-eating-solution

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The Picky Eating Solution: Your 3-step program to getting kids (even sensory kids) to eat the food their body needs and deserves: https://healthhomeandhappiness.com/picky-eating-solution
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