How to Treat Prostatitis Naturally | Cure Prostatitis (Prostate Infection) Naturally with These Tips

A MUST watch if you are dealing with prostatitis a common, chronic infection of the prostate gland that can cause enlargement of the prostate, pelvic pain and inflammation of the prostate that can cause frustrating, painful symptoms. This video focuses on how to cure prostatitis naturally for men by addressing the root cause of symptoms underlying a prostate infection or prostatitis.

How to Cure Prostatitis Naturally
1. Change body pH levels
2. Address pathogens and bacteria infecting the prostate
3. Address Gut (leaky gut)
4. Eliminate Gluten
5. Address Biofilms
6. Address Yeast Infections
6. Consume prostate healing herbs/supplements to change pH an

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How to Treat Prostatitis Naturally with Diet
1. Go Plant Based (eliminate animal based proteins)
2. Test you pH Levels
I like to use these strips:
3. Go Gluten Free
4. Eat more Zinc (nuts & seeds like pumpkin)
daily liquid minerals:
5. Natural Biofilm Blasters:
Bromelain . (pineapple)
Quercetin (red onions/kale)
Saw Palmetto
Curcumin (tumeric) .
Proteolytic Enzymes

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