How to treat and improve the thyroid naturally | Natural Health

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How to treat and improve the thyroid naturally | Natural Health

Thyroid problems can lead to thinning of the bones, so a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D is recommended to facilitate absorption

Although it is small, the thyroid gland regulates metabolism, one of the most important functions of the body. For example, if the thyroid is not active, our pulse decreases, as well as the energy level and the amount of calories burned by exercise or activities.

Discover in this article how we can treat the thyroid naturally. There are some nutrients that are essential for the proper functioning of this gland. Discover them!

What to know about thyroid problems:

This pathology is more frequent in women than in men, especially after age 60. But beware, there are more and more cases of 30-year-old women with hypothyroidism , the most common type (when the thyroid is not active).

A clinical study is necessary if there is a family history. Worldwide, the cause of thyroid problems has to do with a deficiency in iodine ……..For more watch a video in detail.

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