How to Prevent Coronavirus | Fast Spreading China Coronavirus Natural Treatment Tips

The China coronavirus is spreading fast and creating World Health Organization warnings and CDC and State Dept warnings that have people fearful and concerned about how to measure coronavirus symptoms and more importantly how to prevent this fast spreading and potentially deadly upper respiratory virus. Currently there is NO coronavirus vaccine and it becomes absolutely necessary for individuals to take coronavirus prevention into their own hands.

Symptoms of The Coronavirus (very similar to the Flu)
shortness of breath
muscle pain
coughing up mucus or blood
pneumonia and lung abnormalities on CT scans

Natural Ways to Prevent Coronavirus
1. Elderberry
Dried Berries:
2. Colloidal Silver
3. Saline Spray in Nose . + Neti Pot
4. Oral Probioitic .
5. Oil of Oregano .
6. Force of Nature Cleaning Solution/Kit .

Coronavirus prevention tips are KEY wherever you live. When in doubt – if you feel symptoms of the coronavirus please see your health professional. Take care to wear a face mask and bring your Force of Nature Spray to disinfect any areas you may have touched. The epidemic/pandemic nature of this fast growing virus cannot be underestimated.

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