How to Cure Depression | Seasonal Affective Disorder Light Therapy Tips

Are you feeling SAD, depressed, low energy and utterly fatigued? Watch to learn natural therapies and natural treatments for Seasonal Depression often referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder. With the winter time change it can be common to experience sleep imbalances and symptoms of depression. Dr Melissa demonstrates how to use a seasonal depression lamp or SAD lamp to treat seasonal affective disorder. Today’s video will focus on the powerful depression therapeutic called light therapy to resolve and cure seasonal depression. This is a natural therapy that brings balance, sunshine and happy moods back into your life.

With the fall back time change – it can be common to feel depressed, experience low energy, mood changes and even sleep imbalances. Individuals who suffer from clinical depression. Utilizing light therapy lamps can help address mood imbalances, brain chemistry imbalances, low melatonin, low serotonin levels and even help resolve skin conditions like eczema.

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Natural Seasonal Affective Disorder Treatment includes neurotransmitter balancing, herbal therapies, lifestyle changes and external therapeutics with seasonal affective disorder light therapies. This is a powerful healing protocol that addresses 6 core areas of imbalances rooted in the states of depression, seasonal depression and mental health imbalances. This protocol includes proven, clinically researched natural treatment resources.

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