Homeschool tips for Beginners w/ Danny & Maura Vega

Danny & Maura Vega are my go-to resource for all things homeschooling. They have lots of information!

Check out their website and podcast as it’s an amazing resource!

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04:21 Unschooling homeschooling is active engaged education that strikes a balance between giving the child freedom and providing instruction.
07:33 Homeschooling is what we have always done as a people.
8:28 The education system is not broken. It is working as intended, to bring children into conformity and prevent individual achievement
12:08 When you educate children in groups with a 3-year spread of ages, the youngest get social queues from the older children and the older children become mentors.
15:47 If you don’t apply information, it is not useful or memorable.
21:18 The Vega’s teach their children to manage their money.
22:31 They now limit kid screen time because of what it does to children’s bodies.
23:07 At every age, we have a need for autonomy and self-direction. The Vegas most often suggest alternatives rather than making unilateral decisions on some things.
26:50 Try to spend 30 minutes to an hour every single night debriefing your child and working on insights into those events. There is growth in failure.
29:36 Be real with each other. Apologize to each other.
30:05 We have a desire to shelter our kids from everything and project our anxiety for their future upon them.
30:45 Bullying took more courage before social media. On social media bullying can be done anonymously or with an army of angry followers.
34:45 There are parents who homeschool as a means to restrict a child’s view. There are parents, like the Vegas, who homeschool to expand their child’s view.
36:30 In many areas there are homeschool co-ops, where parents share the homeschool duties. Older kids can take courses and join clubs.
42:45 Homeschooling takes less than half the time of regular school.

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