Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid & Gut Health (SIBO) w/ Dr. Ruscio

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—————————————–Show Notes————————————–

03:15 Maybe 20% of us have IBS.
04:07 Some of us are diagnosed with thyroid issues when it is actually a gut issue.
08:45 Some of us on thyroid meds will poorly absorb the medication, possibly because of an ulcer or H. pylori.
09:32 Those of us with SIBO have a slightly higher risk of thyroid autoimmunity.
14:17 The small intestine is where the largest density of immune cells from the entire body reside.
14:57 The SIBO breath test tells you if there is too much gas and thus too much bacteria. It does not tell you what bacteria.
15:47 Most of the bacterial overgrowth is from the upper GI, a study discovered.
16:15 Only 9 to 19% of those who have thyroid autoimmunity become hypothyroid.
17:07 There is an overlap to potentially having autoimmunity to the cells of the stomach that produce hydrochloric acid, in those with thyroid autoimmunity.
17:19 About 20 to 30 percent of those with full blown hypothyroid may also have diminished stomach acid secretion, opening the door to SIBO.
20:13 The leaky sphincter hypothesis: Sphincter dysfunction is a symptom of inflammation or dysbiosis.
27:42 Measuring gastrin is a useful, but imperfect marker.
28:20 Health history, symptoms, presentation, response to therapy and lab markers collectively should be used to make an informed decision.
31:01 A low diversity score may be found on someone with IBS or IBD. Increasing diversity may not be beneficial.
34:07 Those of us with IBD/IBS seem to respond well to a low FODMAP diet and those of us with IBD respond well to elemental diets (liquid diets with no fiber).
35:08 Diversity is the end result of the immune system.
38:12 The claim that healthier people have more bacterial diversity, is observational correlating.
41:07 SIBO can interfere with the function of bile.
42:12 Bile acid malabsorption can cause bile acid diarrhea.
43:07 Thyroid hormone supplementation suppresses the need for the gland to make hormone and lowers antibodies..
44:27 Helminth therapy results in adult patients have not impressed Dr. Ruscio.
46:37 FMT/Fecal Microbiota Transplant Therapy shows a notable positive effect upon IBS/IBD in many studies.
51:37 Testing is the least important thing, not the most important.
55:42 The Doctor’s Data stool GI 360 stool test tests for pathogens and functional markers as well as a dysbiosis index is Dr. Ruscio’s favorite.
59:07 Probiotic supplementation can help with upper respiratory tract infection prevention and shortens the duration.
01:03:22 With the Corona virus, it is not just about being exposed.
01:04:07 Herd Immunity to the Corona Virus is viable.
01:06:27 Immune development of children is likely being compromised by lack of exposure to other children and the outdoors.

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