Game Changers Movie Bullsh*t Exposed

The Game Changers is a persuasive film that has many convinced a plant-based diet will transform their body into a super-human, sprouting new blood vessels, accelerating recovery and giving rise to more spontaneous erections, among others.

We unpack these sensational claims and discuss what, if any truth, are behind them.

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My favorite part of Game Changers was the vegan bodybuilders talking about how jacked they get from drinking soy protein smoothies! 🤣🤣 The film then cut to some fancy motion graphics of soy phytoestrogens blocking real estrogen and thus triggering anabolism and muscle protein synthesis. That might be true if you put Tren 💉in your smoothies—but even then it’s a stretch 🤷🏽‍♂️ It was at this point on the film that I knew for sure the directors are about as honest as used car salesman. Talk about a load of misleading garbage. #gamechangers #testosterone #hrt #vegan #veganmealprep #lowcarb #keto #ketogenicdiet #bodybuilding #postworkout #muscle #mps #soyprotein #grassfed

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