Float Tank Benefits, Sensory Deprivation, Neurofeedback & Microdosing

Sean McCormick has floated over 600 times and started Float Seattle, one of earliest commercial float centers (Sensory Deprivation) in the country.

In todays show we talk all things brain, mood and mental health.

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————————————Show Notes————————————–

03:25 Float is a peak/transcendent experience. It is safe and reliable. Five senses are restricted, as is gravity.
07:22 Your sympathetic state shifts into a parasympathetic state when senses and gravity is restricted.
11:37 When you are in that sensory deprived state, your brainwaves change from alpha to theta.
12:00 Floatation therapy is used in treating PTSD in veterans, quickening learning of languages and improving athletic performance from visualization while in the tank.
17:38 A Passive Float Experience: For the highly stressed, just letting go has huge benefits, including magnesium absorption and traction of your spine.
18:30 An Active Float Experience can involve visualization, focus and manifestation.
24:54 The most effective use of floatation therapy with the least amount of application was 9 floats in 27 days at certain intervals.
25:43 For massive life changes, float 3 or 4 times in a week.
26:35 For a major change this year, float 6 times in 2 weeks. You will be different at the end of it.
32:09 Breathing stimulates the vagus nerve, creating an anti-inflammatory interleukin 10 cytokine. Experiment to find the breathing practice that works for you.
43:18 Neurofeedback is simple..
48:25 Neurofeedback can be effective for insomnia and PTSD.
49:44 Neurofeedback and float tank usage can bring brain hemispheric integration, helping your brain communicate more effectively.
57:51 Microdosing LSD and mushrooms helps business professionals see problems from a new perspective and helps them focus in a new way.
58:53 Strategic applications of psilocybin mushroom can help with depression and anxiety.
01:11:55 Sean’s morning routine begins with a few deep breaths.
01:14:35 Sean’s Desert Island Nutrient is CILTEP by Natural Stacks. It promotes better memory, better recall, better focus and longer focus/mental endurance.
01:15:51 Sean’s Elevator Speech: Drastically regulate chemicals, plastics and synthetic fragrance.
01:20:32 Intuition is teachable. Sean includes this in his coaching practice for his clients.

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